Blessing of the Palms

The entry into Jerusalem by Jesus was the moment his disciples longed to experience. They had grown in the awareness that Jesus was the Promised Messiah and the showdown between the oppressed Jews and the Roman authorities was about to take place. The tumultuous welcome given to Jesus and his disciples as they entered the city was everything they could have hoped for. Their hopes and dreams would be shattered though as the week progressed. The cleansing of the Temple by Jesus in the days after their triumphant entry into the city proved to be the final straw as far as the religious leaders were concerned. Days after it would lead to the arrest of Jesus and ultimately his death on the Cross, but not before he shared one last meal with his disciples in the Supper Room.

Today we commemorate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem with the blessing of the palms, please click below to watch our short video of Fr John performing the blessing.

Blessing of the Palms

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