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We pray for the Church: that we will continue to be instruments of Christ’s light for all who live in darkness, of hope for all who know pain, and of love for all who experience rejection.

We pray for the whole of humanity as we face the Covid-19 pandemic that through this time of crisis, we refine our sense of what is important and build a world rich in mercy, bright with care for the vulnerable, enlivened with an appreciation of the natural world and renewed by an awareness of the deeply spiritual nature of life and presence of the Risen Lord. 

We pray for all key workers that God will protect them and their families from harm, renew their strength and energy and help them to be instruments of healing and compassion.

We pray for those who have died or are suffering that they and all who have died in Christ may find in the heavenly kingdom.

Pray now for your own particular needs and the needs also of the people who love you most. Amen

Please light a virtual candle and add your own prayers requests and/or intentions in the comments section below. (If you are requesting a prayer for a living person please ensure you have their permission.)

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5 thoughts on “Prayer Board

  1. Lord I ask you to comfort those who we are unable to at this present, family and friends who are going through life’s journey alone, those who have lost loved ones and are prevented from making contact, those suffering from illness and undergoing cancer treatment. Give them strength and encouragement to carry on knowing we are with them in spirit and never far from our thoughts.

  2. Please pray for Joyce Nesbitt who died on Friday. Also for Pat Lake’s twin sister who died a few days ago. Thank you.

  3. Please remember Sheila Mooney (nee Conway) who died last year on April 4th age 98 and who’s funeral was on April 15th.
    May the light she brought to earth continue to shine in our hearts.

  4. Please would you pray for Monica Burke and Lucy Rowland who died in March and Jimmy Kidd who died in April last year. May they rest in peace. Amen.

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